About the game

Fishing Maniacs

Do you love fishing? Do you love Tower Defense games? How about guns? And dynamite, chainsaws, machine guns, Tesla Coils and other illegal weapons? Then try this unique tower defense game which also incorporates some elements of RTS games, like movable units and bridge building for river crossings!

Fishing Maniacs is a story about a group of friends and family that get dragged into a very unusual situation when a Fish restaurant opens in a pristine wilderness nearby. The pressures of consumerism and greed push this fragile ecosystem to it's utter limits.

Meet Chef Pier, old man Jumbalaya, his drunkard friend Herbert, then his old buddy Dr. Arizona Jones, and then his old army friend Billy the Bomber, and then his ex-girlfriend Lucy, and then her "very special someone" Dr. Frank.

Yes, they can be a bit strange and over the top at times, but hey, who isn't?

Find out what will happen with this funny and peculiar crew of fishing maniacs by the end of "Chapter 1" of this story!


Game art

Screenshots from the game!

About us

Meet The Team

The maniacs behind this game...

  • Treble
    Adrian Nedelkovic
    Game designer & Producer

    Came up with the initial idea for the game design and storyline. Did the level design and wrote the script.

  • Treble
    Nikola Vlahovic

    Code master. The main driving force behind the programming.

  • Treble
    Darko Stojanovic
    Graphic artist

    The guy behind the art. An illustrator, a painter, and a comic book artist.

  • Treble
    Nemanja Jovanovic
    Production manager

    The guy who held all things together.
    All of this would fall apart without this guy.